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About the Program

Who is Microsoft Financing?
As part of Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft Financing is dedicated to making it easier to purchase Microsoft products.

How does Microsoft Financing help my customers?
Microsoft Financing provides simple, easy and affordable financing to help commercial customers purchase Microsoft licenses and IT solutions.

What benefit does Microsoft Financing provide to my customers?
Microsoft Financing helps your customers by providing one Financing resource for all their IT needs, including software, services, or your product offerings. For organizations that already license software from Microsoft, Financing options are convenient and allow them to spread the costs of the software over an extended period of time, thus preserving their precious cash resources.

What is Total Solution Financing?
Your customers can finance the entire cost of your technology solution - including software, services, and your product offerings - and manage the costs as one investment.

Where is financing available?
Operations in 14 countries (and growing)

  • North America: US, Canada
  • EMEA: UK, Germany, Spain, Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland and The Netherlands
  • APAC: Japan, Australia, and New Zealand
  • LATAM: Brazil

Will the offer be flexible enough to allow for product or service add-ons during the term of the contract?
The offer terms are simple and allow for easy additions based on changing customer IT needs. Additional credit approval may be required.

Can non-Microsoft products be financed under the Microsoft Financing program?
Yes, as long as Microsoft software is part of the solution.

Can you include IT Services in the financing deal?
Yes, as long as Microsoft software is part of the solution.

What are the minimum Microsoft content requirements?
Microsoft content (software/services) must represent a minimum of 10% of the customer's total financed amount, including taxes.

What is considered "Microsoft content"?
Microsoft content includes purchases made under a Microsoft Volume Licensing Agreement; Microsoft direct invoiced products, services and hardware (e.g., Forefront, Virtual Earth, Amalga, Surface, Vexcel, etc.); Indirect invoiced Microsoft products and services (WMED, Retail packaged product, Microsoft Branded Hardware). Microsoft Services content to include Microsoft Consulting Services, Premier Service & Support. All sales tax and VAT tax associated with the financed product or services are considered Microsoft content.

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How can a customer get a financing application?
Customers interested in a financing solution and application need to contact their local Microsoft Certified Partner or Microsoft Registered Member, a Microsoft Account Manager, or authorized distributor.

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Contact Information

Who provides financing solutions to my customers?
Microsoft Financing provides partners and customers with a quality solution by leveraging the services of world-class, leading financial institutions. Vendors vary by country and the size of deal.

How do I become a Partner?
Sign up using our online Partner Application.

How do I provide more information to my customers about Microsoft Financing?
For the latest customer information, direct your customers to the Microsoft Financing Web site at http://www.microsoft.com/licensing/financing/default.mspx.

To download a customer credit application, marketing and sales resources, proposal, or to prepare a customer quote, visit https://www.microsoftfinancing.com.

How do I submit a customer application?
We have a convenient online customer application, or a print-and-fax version may be found under Manage Applications.

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Terms and Conditions

How long can the solution be financed?
Financing terms are anywhere from 24 to 60 months, depending on the financing program.

Who is eligible to finance software and total solutions through Microsoft Financing?
Any commercial or public sector customer that licenses Microsoft software as part of their IT investment can qualify for financing.

What is the minimum transaction size?
The minimum transaction size for the United States is $3,000, although amounts below $10,000 require a custom quote.

Is there a maximum transaction size?
There is no pre-established maximum or credit limit. Customers can apply for any amount necessary to finance the entire solution as long as it exceeds the minimum transaction size. Microsoft Financing has sole discretion in granting credit.

What is the interest rate offered on the financing?
Financing providers offer competitive rates. These rates are influenced by market conditions, term, and transaction size. Lower, tax exempt rates may be available to public sector customers. Please see the Rate Card for financing providers' current rates.

How is a credit decision made?
The extension of credit is based on a number of variables, including a customer's prior performance in servicing its prior debt. Each credit decision is made on a case-by-case basis. Elements that can influence the credit decision include the customer's prior performance and any defaults (if applicable).

Is there a financing agreement minimum or maximum (purchase)?
The minimum/maximum amount of an initial financing agreement is set at a program level. For more information, please refer to the individual program for the country of interest on our Contact page.

Will down payments be required?
There is generally no requirement for down payments.

What will happen if a customer is delinquent or defaults in making a payment?
If a customer is delayed in making a payment, they will be charged a late fee. Microsoft Financing and its service provider will take the appropriate legal action in cases of customer default. A default results in the customer holding an invalid license for Microsoft products.

How do partners get paid for their services when they use Microsoft Financing?
Qualified Microsoft partners are paid for their services and solutions once the customer's credit application has been approved and the customer has signed the financing document and authorized funding.

How will my customer be billed?
Our exclusive financing partner will either automatically debit or invoice your customer on a monthly basis with a due date established at the time of loan commencement.

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