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The Payment Solutions program gives you the ability to provide a single financing resource for your customers' IT needs - including software, services, and your product offerings. Financing options are convenient as they allow customers to spread the cost of their solution over an extended period of time, thus preserving important cash resources.

What Payment Solutions Means
For You
Increase Deal Sizes

Remove the focus from price during negotiations. Watch top-line revenues and bottom-line profits increase, because you can minimize discounting.

Close Deals Sooner

Accelerate and shorten the sales cycle by introducing Microsoft Financing early in the sales cycle.

Be the Trusted Advisor

Offer your customers more options and extend relationships beyond the CIO.

Get Paid Faster

Qualified resellers get paid for the full amount of the deal upfront.

For Your Customer
Finance the Entire IT Solution

Software, services, and hardware can be financed as one investment.

Preserve Capital

Customers can conserve their cash and maximize ROI.

Flexible Payment Options

Make one investment with payment structures that fit their specific business needs.

Keep IT Needs Within Budget

Stay current with the latest technology and plan for long term investments.

Simple & Easy

Customers can enjoy a fast, easy and responsive lending process.

Program Details
  • Payment Solutions are available to commercial and public sector customers.
  • You can finance the entire cost of your technology solution - including software, services and your product offerings. Microsoft technologies must represent at least 10.00 % of the overall solution value. Your customers receive rights to use the software as long as needed based on payment terms.
  • Microsoft Financing or the third-party financing provider reserve the right to request additional information for credit purposes on any contract. Financial statements are required for all contracts over $200,000.00, and may be requested on smaller contracts if necessary.
  • The Microsoft Financing program is available in the United States, United Kingdom, Finland, Norway, Sweden, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Switzerland, Italy, Brazil, and Canada.
Contract Changes

At any time during the contract, you can add software, services, or your product offerings with supplemental financing starting at $3,000.00. Additional credit approval may be required.

Payment Details
  • Interest rates are competitive and determined by the term and size of the contract.
  • Payment terms are offered in 12 to 60 month increments, depending on the program.
  • Down payments are generally not required.
  • Payment Solutions Specialists can work with you to structure payments on a case-by-case basis.