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Inform your customers

Microsoft Payment Solutions provides a series of solution briefs and customer-ready communications that highlight how a structured payment program can meet their needs across a variety of scenarios. Click here to access the library.

Make the most of every sales opportunity
Increase Deal Sizes

Remove the focus from price during negotiations. Watch top-line revenues and bottom-line profits increase, because you can minimize discounting.

Close Deals Sooner

Accelerate and shorten the sales cycle by introducing Microsoft Financing early in the sales cycle.

Be the Trusted Advisor

Offer your customers more options and extend relationships beyond the CIO.

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Close more deals

Use Microsoft Payment Solutions to address common sales challenges:

  • Customer would like to free up capital for alternative strategic investments
  • Customer has budget shortfall in current year
  • Customer is waiting for more budget to be approved
  • Customer wants to pay as IT solution is deployed and benefits are realized
  • Customer wants to pay specific amounts on specific dates
  • CFO changes financial priorities mid-stream

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