What is Payment Solutions?

Payment Solutions work with third-party financing providers to facilitate simple, convenient, and flexible payment options for credit-approved customers under the Microsoft Financing program.

What is the benefit of choosing Payment Solutions?

Payment Solutions help customers expand their IT purchasing power and improve cash flow with convenient, flexible and affordable payment options. These allow customers to structure their technology spend to meet their business and financial needs while aligning to available budget, cash flow or deployment schedules.

  • Solutions designed for volume licenses: Customized payment options to help match customers’ technology spend with business requirements.
  • Total solution financing: Payment options for complete software, services, and hardware solutions—including non-Microsoft products.
  • Flexible payment structures: Monthly, quarterly or semi-annual payment structures; ability to ramp or defer payments.

Payment Solutions are the best way for customers to pay for software licenses:

  • Conserve or reallocate cash; shift costs between capital and expense budgets
  • Fund projects and upgrades out of budget cycles, aligning to seasonal revenue patterns or investment needs
  • Align payments to deployment to improve project economics
Where are Payment Solutions available?

We operate in 18 countries:

  • North America: US, Canada
  • Europe: UK, Germany, Spain, Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and The Netherlands
  • Asia Pacific: Japan, Australia, and New Zealand
  • Latin America: Brazil
Can additional products and services be added after the initial purchase?

Yes. New software purchases, True-Ups, or additional services can be added to the agreement at any time. These are convenient to add, and spread the costs of the software over an extended period of time, preserving capital resources for other investments and business priorities. Additional credit approval may be required.

Can non-Microsoft products or services be financed under the Payment Solutions agreement?

Yes, as long as Microsoft software is part of the solution. The minimum Microsoft product or service value is 10.00 %. Conditions for the inclusion of IT services may vary by country and financing provider.

How can a customer get an application?

Please refer to the Applications section for details on how to submit a customer application.

How do I become a Partner?

Please refer to the Get Started section for more details on how to become a Microsoft Financing partner.

How do I provide more information to my customers about Payment Solutions?

Take advantage of the customer content located on our Marketing page. You may also direct your customers to the Payment Solutions website at http://www.microsoft.com/financing.

How do I submit a customer application?

Please refer to Applications for more details on how to submit a customer application.

What is considered "Microsoft content"?

Microsoft content includes:

  • Purchases made under a Microsoft Volume Licensing Agreement
  • Microsoft direct invoiced products, services and hardware (e.g., Forefront, Virtual Earth, Amalga, etc.)
  • Indirectly invoiced Microsoft products and services (WMED, Retail packaged product, Microsoft Hardware, i.e. Surface)
  • Dynamics products including AX, GP, NAV, POS, SL, Snap, FRx, Forecaster, CRM, RMS, and related Enhancement
  • All Microsoft Online Services which are billed monthly by Microsoft and not financed but which shall be included in the calculation of Microsoft content based on a 12X multiple of the initial monthly Online Services revenue
  • Microsoft Services including Microsoft Consulting Services and Premier Support Services & Support ("Microsoft Services")
  • All sales tax and VAT tax associated with the financed product or services are considered Microsoft content

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