Accelerate deployment of your customers’ IT projects

Microsoft Consulting Services are becoming an increasingly important component of the overall IT solution…and a larger percentage of the costs. But when customers plan their budgets, they may fail to include the services they require. This could lead to project delays and impact solution consumption.

While many institutions are reluctant to offer finance for services, Payment Solutions can incorporate them – enabling customers to benefit from flexible payment options that help solve deployment challenges, optimise cash flow, and accelerate deployment.

Benefits of Payment Solutions
For You
Accelerate deployment and consumption

Consolidate IT solution costs into a single, predictable payment structure.

Provide payment flexibility

Offer payment structures tailored to meet specific project, budgetary, or revenue generation milestones.

For Your Customer
Simplify cloud adoption

Fund all aspects of the cloud solution, including software and services, into a unified structured payment.

Optimise cash flow

Turn upfront costs into predictable payments and better align project cost outlays with anticipated benefits.

Payment Solutions help design several options to help you structure a program that best fits your customer's available budget and financial needs:

Structured Periodic Payments – to minimise the impact in any given budget cycle, customers can structure their payments into monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or customised payment options.

Deferred Payments – customers may defer payments for up to six months, allowing them to begin deploying and benefiting from their IT investments immediately, while paying when budget becomes available.

Ramped Payments – in some cases, an organisation may prefer to closely match the expense of an IT investment with the benefits realised. With the ramped payment option, customers can ramp their payments over time to align with planned deployment schedules.

Customised Payments – for larger customers who have unique needs, Payment Solutions Specialists can help structure a payment program to fit virtually any situation.

Microsoft works with third-party financing providers to facilitate payment solutions for credit approved customers under the Microsoft Financing program.

Need more information? Please contact your local Payment Solutions Specialist.