Microsoft works with third-party financing providers to offer customers a total IT solution, including software, services, partner products, and hardware - as long as the total amount financed contains 10.00% Microsoft products or services, including taxes.

The following information is required to make a credit decision in Ireland through De Lage Landen:

  • For transactions less than €100,000.00, only signed customer applications are required. Additional information such as financial statements may be requested if required.
  • For certain transactions, 2 year(s) of audited or reviewed financial statements are required (tax returns and most current year to date interim financial statements, along with previous year's comparable statements may be used as an alternative).

Qualification Guidelines

Financing providers within the Microsoft Financing program approve or reject credit applications at their sole discretion.

Payment Solutions are available to both commercial and public sector customers. Commercial customers must have been in business a minimum of three years, with an established credit history and multiple trade lines showing comparable debt and positive payment history.

Companies could potentially be declined due to negative trends, which may include:

  • Consecutive years of losses or a history of losses from operations.
  • Negative cash flow from operations; inability to cover loan payments from cash flow.
  • Negative tangible net worth (liabilities exceed tangible assets) and/or high leverage (liabilities over assets is high).
  • History of slow payments, defaults (non-payment), tax liens, judgements or bankruptcy for either the company or the primary owners.
  • A going concern statement in the company's audited financial statements.

Exceptions will be considered if there is a business rationale for deviating from these guidelines. Exceptions include:

  • Recent events that would reduce the risk (i.e. major investment in the company, sale of unprofitable division, etc.)
  • A credit enhancement (Guarantor, Bank Letter of Credit, Deposit) is provided by an acceptable source.