Leasing Solutions

Lease solutions help customers get everything they need now – matching their financial outlay with their budget, cash flow and deployment plans, while helping the seller close more deals. Leasing is often a popular alternative to purchase – enabling customers to keep up with the rapid pace of technological change, gain flexibility and adapt as equipment evolves, while enjoy economic benefits. Questions? Contact us at msfsales@microsoft.com.

Benefits of Leasing
For You
Close Larger Deals

Minimize customers’ initial cash outlay to avoid budget obstacles.

Accelerate Adoption

Align lease payments to your customers’ IT deployment, liquidity, cash flow, and budget management objectives.

Increase Profitability

Lead with affordable lease payment to shift the focus away from total cost, and facilitate higher margin add-ons.

Earn Referral Fees

Increase profitability through referral fee’s earned on eligible lease transactions.

Be the trusted advisor

Provide both the IT solution and various means to pay for it.

For Your Customer
Protect against out-of-date technology

Benefit from technological advancement through periodic equipment refresh, and end of lease term flexibility.

Simplify total acquisition

Consolidation of related products and services into a single payment.

Expand purchasing power

Get the optimal IT solution that meets and scales to current and evolving business needs.

Eliminate the hassle of equipment disposition

Just return the equipment at the end of the lease enabling you to evaluate alternative options.

Why lease?

Leasing allows you to stay on the leading edge of technology without having to deal with the hassles of equipment ownership. Preserve capital for more strategic business needs.

What’s included in a lease?

Your total IT solution! Surface and related accessories, software, services, and transportation costs. Total solution cost, including taxes, must contain no less than 10.00 % Microsoft content.

Can we move leased equipment once installed?

Yes, with prior written notice and only within the same country.

Can I add equipment during the lease term?

Yes, anytime. Total payments will be recalculated based on the remaining or renegotiated lease term.

Can multinational clients lease globally?

No. Due to local tax, foreign exchange risk, and regulatory issues, individual lease transactions must be contracted and billed in-country and in local currency.

Who do I contact for leasing?

Please contact msfsales@microsoft.com.